Now that the world has gone digital, you do not need to be in the same State or even the same Country to have your video project expertly edited. I can give you exactly the look you want for your video project, then you tell me what you are going to do with the finished piece, and I will compress it for that purpose.

During the edit process, I can give you daily and weekly updates by actually sending you a copy of the project that you can look at and make comments on. This comments will come directly to my web site. If you want to make a change in any part of the video, just tell me what you want and I will make the change. Then I will send you a copy of the new footage for your approval.

When you are satisfied with the finished piece, tell me what you are going to do with the video, broadcast, DVD, Internet. I will  compress the footage and send it anywhere you want, as long as it is on this planet.

My charge for the edit is $125.00 per hour. If you are prepaying at least 50%, I will not charge you for the time it takes to upload to my computer. When I finish, send me a check for the other 50% and when the check clears my bank, I will upload the video to you.